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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Here's the Biggest Tutorial Ever on great Ideas in Male Photography~

One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words~

This is the type of Stargazer...


..More Beautiful than a Trillion Stars!~

It started when you went for it
With a Passion...~

 And when you knew you loved
...The other Lensmen's works~

 Then, the Times and Science rose
The Art to a Faith~

Then, Digital opened up a new world...

At last, the Vault of your Soul was open!~

 A little of the Neo-Classical~


Then, the more modern vogue~

It can start with Simple Beefcake~

 ...Then, a little less modesty~

Make a Work of Art...
...Or Become one Yourself!~

The Step-by-Step Style:

Also, a touch of the Urban Scene~

 Manhood, on the Rise~

The Lens is practically a part of him~

Capturing Lovers at their fondest~

Taking it outdoors at times~

 Don't just view us, SEND SOME!~

Let your Creativity and Expression free!~

Make a Work of Art~
Or Maybe Become One!!!~

The Possibilities Abound~







Photographer Warming Up an Eager Model~



Youthful curiosity letting loose~

Confident Studs:


Home Studio:



Muscle and Gym Guys,
Timeless Beefcake~



Keep the Wonder Going~
Take Pictures!